It’s 40 years since the giant McDonald’s sold its first French fries in France

The French may have invented nouvelle cuisine, but it seems the dish they love more than any other is served in a square cardboard box on a plastic tray.
The first French McDonald’s restaurant – or McDo as they like to call it – opened 40 years ago on September 17th 1979 in Strasbourg and 40 years on the French cannot get enough of their French fries (though, in France, they are just called fries).
To see how much the French love McDonald’s you just have to look at some of the stats:
1.8 million – this is the amount of McDonald meals served up in France every day. That’s almost two million meals every single day.
13 percent – this is the share of the restaurant market in France – the home of fine dining – that McDonald’s has.
1,464 – this is the number of McDonald restaurants currently in France, that’s more than any other chain. The company aims to expand this by 300 – 400 in the next ten years.
74,000 – this is the number of people employed either full-time or part-time by the company in France. 62 percent of the team are less than 25 years old.
2nd – France is the second biggest market for McDonald’s per head of population after the United States.
1st – the biggest McDonald’s restaurant in the world is located in Disneyland Paris.
€9 – is the average price of a meal in French McDonald’s, making it the most expensive in the world.