Muslim Community in Obuasi Supports Disaster Victims

In a move to deepen peaceful coexistence and strengthen unity of purpose, the Muslim community in Obuasi has offered Gh8000 in support of Koffekrom windstorm disaster victims.

The people of Koffekrom, a suburb of Obuasi in March this year witnessed a devastating windstorm which destroyed properties worth thousands of cedis and rendering many people homeless.

The Obuasi Municipal Assembly and other benevolent groups and individuals have come to the aid of the community with money, cement and roofing sheets; all in the quest to bring back life to the hither to vibrant community.

Speaking after donating the money to the community, Alhaji Alhassan Dauda, the Deputy chief Imam for obuasi said the Muslim community was alarmed by the level of devastation caused by the storm hence decided to join forces to offer assistance to them.

He called on the general to cultivate the habit of giving stressing that the Holy Quran teaches Muslims to be their brothers’ keeper especially in difficult moments.

” It is during times like this that we are expected to show love to one another.This should be done regardless of once religion or tribe”.

Alhaji Osmanu Dauda, Chief Sarki Tuba admonished Muslims to pray and intercede for mankind to prevent such disasters from occuring. He again ree-choed the concerns for people to support those in difficult times and not overburden government.

Maulvi Rashid Mahmood Minhas, Leader of the Ahmadiyya in Obuasi commended all those who have donated towards the victims of the disaster. He said the nature of the disaster called for more hands to alleviate the plight of the people.

He talked about the need for unity and peaceful co-existence among the various religious groups in the country. 

Disaster Management committee

The chairman of the Koffekrom Disaster Management committee Alfred Nyamekye thanked the Muslim community for coming to the aid of the affected people.

He seized the opportunity to debunk rumors of misappropriation of funds donated to the disaster victims. He said the members of the committee were people of high repute who would stop at nothing to protect their hard earned reputation.

“We have been diligent and transparent in the discharge of our duties. We have made sure the donations have gone to those who deserved it. Treat all allegations against us with the contempt they deserve” 

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