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Advertizing On GQ Prime Multimedia

GQ Prime Multimedia offers several advertising options including Geographical targeting, full-page and fractional ads, inserts, onserts and custom programs.

Please send your CV to GQWAVES@outlook.com or call +233 244 68 7928

Placement Options

  • Press Release
  • Advertorial Content — Example
  • Content Promotion — (in news)
  • CPM and CPC Ads — (in news)
  • Mobile Leaderboard — 320×100 (page by choice)
  • Leader board — 728×90 (page by choice)
  • Wide Skyscrper — 160×600 (page by choice)
  • Large Rectangle — 336×280 (in news)
  • Large Leaderboard — 970×90 (in news)
  • Half-Page Ad — 300×600 (in news)
  • Page Takeover –(page by choice)

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