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Germany / World – The corona virus continues to spread in Germany. The current situation has a drastic impact on life.Almost all public and sporting events have been canceled, schools and daycare centers have been gradually closed.There are now 84,770 confirmed infections in Germany and 1,105 deaths (as of April 2, 10:10 p.m.).The federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are still particularly affected.Meanwhile, the United States is breaking sad records: 240,064 infected people (April 2, 10:20 p.m.) – nowhere are there or have been so many cases.Throughout Europe, Italy remains the tragic frontrunner with 115,242 records, followed by Spain with 110,238 cases. But also in France the number is very high at 59,105 (as of April 2, 10:20 pm).Worldwide there are over 1,007,129 confirmed cases and 51,704 deaths, but also more than 210,577 healings (as of April 2, 10:25 p.m.).

US President Donald Trump has tested negative for the corona virus a second time. Trump said on Thursday night (local time) at his daily White House press conference that he had taken a new rapid test “mostly out of curiosity” to see how long a result would last.The result was available within “14 or 15 minutes”. The test itself took “literally a minute” and was much more pleasant than the first test. The White House also published the negative test result.Trump had already had the corona virus tested in mid-March, at that time under public pressure. Trump had previously been in contact with at least two people during a visit by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to his vacation home in Mar-a-Lago, who were later tested positive for the corona virus.

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