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Hon hadji mustaphar ✍🏾

The aImighty slay queen and beautician we mistakenly voted for to represent Dome kwabenya as our member of parliament has taken the entire constituency to the cleaners. since she has decided to benefit from what belongs to the needy but brilliant students.
Her behavior has just changed the headen by getfund to brilliant but greedy student(s).

This comes in awake of the reports by the Auditor general that has the member of parliament representing Dome kwabenya benefiting as needy but brilliant student whiles there are more than 60% of her constituents who are needy but brilliant crying for help each and every day.

Hon Sarah Adjoa Sarfo is from a very well to do family the daughter of the star of Africa the man I have so much respect for Dr Apostle Kojo sarfo kantanka
persons who benefited or those who jumped to the defense of the officials indicted by the Auditor General’s report due to their political affiliations may not have the “fear of God” in them.Honrable your response and justification was very irresponsible, reckless and an insult to us especially in your constituency. we now understand people like you live in this country and you know no mercy for the truth.
My slay queen claimed that the Scholarship was meant to make her “serve her people better”.
Sarah Adjoa Sarfo,i want to believe when you were asking the people of Dome kwabenya to vote for you,
you did told them you are more qualified than the people you were contesting with
How come now you are telling us that it is the public money that has to be used to make you qualify to serve your people? You would have sounded reasonable and sensible if you had remain quite on this matter.A very pathetic and anaemic response.I feel very insulted as a member of your constituency with that kind of response.
You don’t care about the people who cared for you I edge the Dome kwabenya people to vote wisely this time around for you have nothing to offer them but rather taking all that belongs to them( needy but brilliant students)
These monies must be refunded for you have beaten more than you can chew


A member of the NDC national zongo coucaus working committee

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