Nollywood veteran actor Hanks Anuku is mad at the government of Nigerian for failing to make provision for food and money for its citizens before declaring lockdown the country.

President Muhammadu Buhari announced on Sunday a 14-day lockdown enforced in Lagos, neighbouring Ogun and the nation’s capital, Abuja to help curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

But the “King of the Jungle” actor says the government didn’t think through before implementing the new strategy, adding that Nigerians are hungry as a result of the lockdown and further accused the government of ‘importing’ coronavirus into the country.

“I’m angry at the government of this country,” he said in Pidgin language in an Instagram video. “You are crazy. God will punish you.”

He said the government is treating its citizens as prisoners, adding that it should have at least given them money before bringing the lockdown into full force.

Don’t you know we have children? You didn’t give us money or anything. Do you think we are living in prison? You will die because of the coronavirus you brought into this country.”

“Our children are fine. The rich politicians will die instead,” he cursed.

Watch the full video below.