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Placed school by GES Cannot Be Change-GES PRO

4 months ago By: N A


B.E.C.E graduates who have been placed automatically cannot alter their schools in which they have been placed, the Head of Public Relation Unit, Madam Cassandra Twin Ampofo reveals.

Speaking to the media, madam Cassandra indicated that candidates who were placed in any of their five choices of schools selected have no option to make any changes.


“The GES call centre has received about 20, 000 calls in a single day from both parents and students with a lot of issues and precisely those  who wanted to change their schools which they see it to be unacceptable,” she disclosed.

Touching on the reopening date, madam Cassandra uncovered that, some people started preparing knowing very well that their wards will be going to school on 10th March 2021 as the president indicated in one of his speech on Covid 19.


“I know some too were not very sure and did not prepare depending on the grades that their wards had and wanted to be sure whether they will get a place in the boarding house and other things before they will start their preparations. Parents should not worry about the much time they will need to get their wards prepared because as a result of Free Senior High School, the government has taken a lot of items to provide to the students in order to ease pressure from parents” she added.



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