I Signed 1,000 petitions to Stop EC – Hassan Ayariga Hints


I signed 1,000 petitions to stop EC

News from Upper East Region:
The Founder of the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga has hinted that as on Wednesday, June 3, signed
1,000 petitions that are yet to be given to some religious bodies in the country to call the Electoral Commission to order.
The petitions, he says seek to inform these religious bodies in the country about the ‘ill-intended’ purpose that the Electoral Commission was plotting against the people of Ghana come December 7 elections.
According to him, the electoral commission’s refusal to adhere to calls from other political parties and well-meaning Ghanaians to stop the process of the new voter card registration is worrying, and a complete threat to many Ghanaians come December 7.
“We want peace and harmony to be amongst every Ghanaian reasoned we are petitioning these religious bodies. And we want the EC which is an independent body to know that if it still wishes to go ahead with the new voter register; it will simply mean it wants hunger to kill us all.”
Dr. Ayariga who spoke at A1 Radio, a local Radio Station in Upper East,
monitored by GQ Waves, explained further that one of the reasons they (Minority Parties) were not happy with the actions of the Electoral Commission was because it knows it will disenfranchise some eligible voters who might have been strongholds for a particular party.
“The EC knows all the political parties and where their strongholds are, reasoned for such diabolical behavior.  It is targeting some political parties to deny their supporters the opportunities to vote come December 7. Yes, we all know that, but we will not allow that to happen.”
Touching on whether the minority parties have the powers to stop the Electoral Commission from carrying out its activities, he explained that if all their petitions failed, their last options will be to demonstrate.
“With all these petitions if the EC still thinks it has the powers to go ahead with its diabolical act, we the people of Ghana will use our last tool which is, to demonstrate to the whole world to know and see how selfish the EC is to ordinary Ghanaians.”

Dr. Ayariga, however, called on Ghanaians especially electorates to stop recycling some political parties (NPP and NDC) into power, rather, this year, they should vote for change come December 7 elections as the APC means well for the development of the country.

Meanwhile, after the two days piloting exercise which was carried out by the Electoral Commission across the 16 regional capitals in the country to access the capabilities of its machines under different weather conditions, it came out to affirm that it was 94 percent ready for the real exercise which will come on this month, June 2020.
Editor by: Moses A.