News: The message to the congregation:

If Your Church call you to come to Church, this social distance period, without singing & dancing, but to come and seat with Noise Mask, listening to the word of God, it’s a liar!, it’s because of your Money. You can stay home and listen to the Sermon of the day, so join us, as we bring the WORD TO you and you will be bless.
We find it neccessary to bring the Word of God to your Homes without paying money as a form of Tithe & offering, like your so called CHURCH, asking you daily of your tithe & offering, for them, you are not important, most important thing is your MONEY, by paying Money to the CHURCH, then, you are a Christian, because, they have to pay the Pastors & Church’s Rent, believe me or not,
You are not worshipping God, You are worshipping MEN, you are their income for their own good, using God’s Name to FOOL you, Open your eyes & your understand, then you can understand me, These men ain’t from GOD.

Be Smart and to know Almight God doesn’t need your Money, all God Needs from you is to worship HIM in truth & in Spirit.
And you are the TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6:19
Editor: Gee Queue de Evangelist.