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Lutterodt calls Freelove an ‘ashawo’ for going on Date rush
Lutterodt calls Freelove an ‘ashawo’ for going on Date rush

Counselor George Lutterodt who is considered by man to be the most controversial marriage counselor in the country made Freelove cried after describing her as a prostitute on a radio show.

Counselor Lutterodt in an earlier submission stated that the ‘Date Rush’ program which is meant to make people look for their better half is another form of prostitution.

According to him, the show has created another way of glorifying prostitution.


Well, the controversial counselor in an interview on Neat FM which also had another participant on Date Rush Freelove to talk about this ‘ashawo’ comment took a different turn.

Lutterodt on several occasions during the interview hammered on the fact that Freelove was a prostitute for going on the program in the first place.

Freelove who also wanted to defend herself tried several times to make the counselor understand the difference between prostitution and dating.


Lutterodt still stood by his comment and added that if Freelove is struggling to get suitors in his neighborhood, he will send him to a different neighborhood where she will be attracted to men and not going on national television to look for a date.

She ended up in tears after the counselor still hammered on the fact that she was an ‘ashawo’.

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This infuriated Freelove but knowing Counselor Lutterodt the displeasure on the lady’s face didn’t deter him from calling her Ashawo in the studio.

Source: ghpage

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