Poultry Traders Association wages war against Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly

Traders in a meeting

News from Upper East Region

Members of the Poultry Traders’ Association (PTA) in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region say they will no longer honor their tax obligations to the Assembly.
The reason, according to them was born out of the Assembly’s refusal to build a place of convenience (urinal structure) for them for the past ten years despite numerous appeals.
The peculiar situation, they say does not only affect their health but dwindles their business as they usually receive complaints from their buyers about the unhealthy and stink nature of the market.
Mr. Adongo Roland a member said, “We have made several appeals to the Assembly, but it seems the Assembly is only interested in our money and not our health. If not, how long shall we continue to suffer in this stinky place?”
Ayine Akolgo a member also reasoned that the continued neglects by the Assembly to build a place of convenience for them was a sign of insults to their business.
“Just imagine the quantities of people that usually come to the market to buy birds everyday yet there is no structure for one to attend to nature’s call. Imagine what will happen to us here? If not various forms of diseases that we will get back home.”

Birds cells

Another member who only gave his name as Atiah explained that “It is always a slap on our faces anytime our colleague traders come to us for meetings. Where will they free themselves? It is a shame to us as traders and to the Assembly for its failure to help us in this cause.”
Meanwhile, checks by GQ Waves have it that the poultry market happens to be the only market that transports local birds to other parts of the country, and could soon collapse if proper measures are not put in place for the traders.
The market also served as intermediate to other neighboring markets, including Togo and Burkina.
The structure per assessment by a local contractor may cost the Assembly not more than GHc 1,000.00.

Birds on cage ready to be transported

But on a telephone interview with the Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive, Joseph Amiyuure Atura explained that though his outfit was aware of the traders’ predicament, they (traders) are not eligible to decide what his outfit should do for them.
“Yes, should we be providing every corner in the market with places of convenience. No, there are other things that need equal attention .”
Source: Bolgatanga/ Ghana