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Spin-offs from universities Economy and energy / answer Berlin: (hib/ FNO)

The Federal Government regards the development of spin-offs from universities in recent years as fundamentally positive. In an answer (19/21078) to a small question from the FDP parliamentary group (19/20290) it said that the number of start-ups was generally declining, but the particularly important innovative spin-offs had continued to increase.

Since 1998, companies from the higher education sector have been able to receive funding from the EXIST program, the federal government explains. So far, 2,060 companies have been founded with the EXIST start-up grant and 370 with the EXIST research transfer.
Last year 291 start-up grants were awarded.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs had approved 31 percent of the applications for research transfer, so that a total of 36 projects had been funded. According to the federal government, 63 percent of the companies founded still existed after five years (scholarship) or 75 percent (research transfer).

The Federal Government plans to extend both programs beyond the current term as soon as the EU has made appropriate budget commitments. Technical universities, in particular, had opened up to spin-offs at an early stage, whereas there was still greater reluctance at universities with a stronger focus on the humanities.

There is also a discrepancy between universities in metropolitan areas and rural areas, although there is a slow catching-up movement in rural locations. As part of the EXIST funding, a program for start-up support has also been launched that will fund 101 projects at 142 universities with 150 million euros over the next four years.
The aim is to build up and professionalize university-internal support structures.

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