Hamburg – Germany:
Still on the journey for the search of Mr H. N. Quacoo. A former medical engineer In Hamburg – Germany. He is / Was living in Mümmelmannsberg,
Mümmelmannsberg is a place and major housing estate in Hamburg, Germany in the quarter of Billstedt. It was named after the street with the same name which already existed before Mümmelmannsberg was built.
We will delve deep into how he got into Germany in 1973. His life in Germany and also as a medical engineer. His relation to Ghanaians who were living abroad then, his marriage life, how he ended up making a family in Thailand, and how things turned up.
Nephew – Alexander Looking for His Uncle – Mr. Quacoo.
An Interview with ‘Nephew’ Alexander Boateng, this afternoon, he said, His Uncle used to visit Ghana yearly  till June 2007, “and the Last time i spoke with him was 2008”.
For 12 years, his telephone line was cancelled, No way to reach him, i lost hope till i was introduced GQ TV & GQ WAVES Radio just about two week ago through Original Madam- Saarbrücken, which actually gave me a new hope to reach my Uncle again. Boss Gee Queue, this GQ Prime Multimedia is hope for all Ghanaians searching for their Relatives in Germany and Europe as a whole.
“We are originally from Asanti Bekwai.
GQ Prime Multimedia Company inside Germany that always pride itself with putting people first. Join us on this journey as we uncover some shocking revelations.
We also use this opportunity to let you know that, if you have a need to locate a lost loved one in Germany or any part of Europe, GQ TV & GQ WAVES RADIO is always ready and happy to assist you.
Editor: Bill Sakyi