Unique compounds in pomegranate juice induce cell death in human cancer cells

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Among all cancer types, prostate cancer is one of the most common.  It is also the second leading cause of death from cancer among American men.  However, there are natural ways to defend against prostate cancer and other forms of cancer.  One of the most powerful preventative measures is proper dietary supplementation with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents like pomegranate juice.

Believe it or not, researchers have found that pomegranate juice and extract contain potent healing chemical compounds like luteolin and ellagic acid.  These pure compounds effectively work together to help block the growth of cancer cells.

Compounds in pomegranate juice trigger cancer cell death

Recent studies confirmed the dramatic protective effects of pomegranates and the antioxidants they contain.  Human prostate cancer cells exposed to pomegranate fruit extract immediately produce substances that cause apoptosis or programmed cell death in cancer cells.  This process regulates the destruction of potentially cancerous tissue in the body.

Another experiment showed that tumor growth was greatly inhibited when animals with cancer consumed pomegranate fruit extract.  There was a dramatic decline in an important prostate antigen.  The researchers concluded that pomegranate juice is helpful in preventing prostate cancer as well as slowing its progression.

Pomegranates target cancer cells, not healthy cells

A more in-depth German study of pomegranate components looked for ways to reverse or at least slow growth in several different types of prostate cancer.  Rates of prostate cancer reproduction and growth were slashed in all types tested.  A variety of pomegranate extract forms were examined, including from the seeds, juice, and fruit oils.

Researchers determined pomegranate extracts work along several important mechanisms to help slow cancer cell growth.  This was in contrast to chemotherapy, which only work through one mechanism.  Over time, cancer cells can resist chemotherapy.  This has led some scientists to propose anticancer agents that work via multiple mechanisms to offer greater treatment efficacy.

German investigators also found the growth-inhibiting and cell-killing effects of pomegranate extracts to be limited to cancerous cells and didn’t affect normal prostate cells.

Pomegranates also protect against heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, plus much more

In addition to lifesaving benefits for cancer patients, pomegranate can also help protect against heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.  Additionally, it has been found effective in supporting optimal health in the brain, liver, skin, and teeth.

Bottom line: pomegranate juice and pomegranate juice extract help to reduce cancer cell growth rates and increase cell death rates.  In addition, the ability of normal (healthy) cells to withstand oxidative stress is strengthened.  Clearly, pomegranate is a potent tool for fighting against prostate cancer and many other health issues.  Unfortunately, you can’t expect this kind of information to be “popular” within the Western medical world for obvious reasons. (The pharmaceutical industry wouldn’t like this.)

Drinking just one 8 oz. glass of pomegranate juice can bring tremendous benefits.  This amount contains 280 to 375 mg of healing punicalagins; however, health benefits have been reported with the consumption of even smaller amounts of pomegranate juice daily.  For best results, we suggest you make your own juice at home and avoid the processed store brands.

By: Steve

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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