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Wendy Shay should be in her corner and mind her business – Fantana
Wendy Shay should be in her corner and mind her business – Fantana

Former RuffTown records signee Fantana has once again taken a swipe at her former label mate Wendy Shay.

Fantana in an interview has advised that its high time Wendy Shay stays at her place and minds her business

According to her Fantana real name Francine Nyanko Koffi, the fact that they are both on the same record label doesn’t give her the chance to poke her nose into others business.

She said: “When I am doing something that concerns me and my future, I don’t want to make it too personal, because I feel like when things become too personal then it becomes emotional and nobody gets wherever they need to be…So I want it to be like we are on the same label and we are minding our business and doing what we need to do.”

She continued that instead of Wendy Shay and other poking their nose at where they have not been invited, they should rather stick to their main goal on the label.

“Everybody should mind his/her business…every artiste on a label should focus on the main goal and not issues of their label mates,” she continued.


The ‘Girls hate on girl’ singer was asked her current relationship with Wendy Shay following their beef recently.

Fantana made it clear that she wasn’t beefing with Wendy Shay but rather they were settling their difference.

“I am cool with everyone. It is not a beef but we are just settling our differences.”

Source: ghpage

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