The Late Ex Chairman of the Church of Pentecost Int., Aps. Dr. M. K. Ntumy is dead

Aps Ntumy
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The Late Aps. Ntumy
Breaking News: The Former Chairman of the Church of Pentecost International, Apostle Dr. M.K. Ntumy has reportedly passed away.
According to sources reached GQ News-Room, he died at his residence in Germany after prolonged illness.
The former chairman who recently retired from active service in September 2023,
has served as the COP’s chairman for ten years from 1998 till 2008.
However, the Apostle Dr. Ntumy, was confined to an electric wheelchair since February 2009 after a surgical operation in his cervical spine. But despite this predicament,
he continued his service to the church till his retirement in September 2023.
Moreover, before becoming a clergyman, Aps. Dr. Ntumy in the 1980s,
worked as a teacher in Yendi then transitioned to the roles of Deacon and Elder in the church of Pentecost.
The late Aps. Dr. Ntumy, married his wife Martha, at the age of 24,
and embarked on full-time ministry with the Church of Pentecost at the age of 26.
As a truly believer, recognized for his dedication, he was appointed to the office of an Apostle at the age of 33. Six years later, he assumed the esteemed position of the fourth Chairman of The Church of Pentecost Int. Following two terms of exemplary service to the church of Pentecost International and the nation, Aps.Dr Michael Kwabena Ntumy gracefully handed over leadership to Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah.
GQ Prime Multimedia with Overseer Dankwah COP Saarbrücken District heartfelt Condolence for the loss of the great leader of Church of Pentecost Int. & the entire family
The loss of the incredible father has saddened us.
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