Overview of the dates of the measures of the second relief package: 9 euro ticket, child bonus, heating cost subsidy, EPP, EEG levy

Important new measures of the second relief package from June 2022
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Important new measures of the second relief package from June 202
In Germany there are many measures to relieve the citizens because of high energy and petrol prices. We already report on some relief packages, such as the 9 euro ticket and the children’s bonus. Mow, we are giving you an overview of the dates for the measures decided on in the second relief package from June 2022.
From June 2022:
-9 euros ticket in July, August or September 2022 for local and regional transport (RE, RB, bus (no Flixbus), S-Bahn or U-Bahn, tram)
-The employer pays out an energy savings allowance (EPP) of EUR 300 for employees in tax brackets 1 to 5 as a salary subsidy. For the self-employed, the advance tax payment is reduced depending on income.
-In June, July and August, the tax office waived a large part of the energy tax at the gas station: the price of petrol falls by 30 cents per liter and 14 cents per liter for diesel, if the gas stations cooperate.
-Recipients of housing benefit, students with Bafög, recipients of ascent Bafög and vocational training allowance or training allowance receive a lump sum of the heating cost allowance of 230 euros:
–Recipients of housing benefit who live alone receive 270 euros,
–Two-person households 350 euros. Additional roommates receive an additional 70 euros.
According to the federal government, you do not need a separate application. The grant is automatically transferred to the account.
From July 2022:
  • Social assistance, Hartz IV or asylum recipients receive two payments of 100 euros each, and their children receive 20 euros a month from July.
  • For each child there is a one-time bonus of 100 euros from the responsible family fund. We have already informed you in detail about this on this website.
  • From July 1, 2022, everyone will no longer pay the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) levy on their electricity bill for 6 months. The EEG levy, also known as the “green electricity levy”, has existed since 2000 and is used to promote the expansion of solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric power plants. This saves you 3.72 cents per kilowatt hour (kwh). Your electricity provider will then reimburse you for the money via the monthly bill. After all, you will permanently no longer pay any EEG surcharge from January 2023.
    Editor: Mrs. Y. Maiga
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