Up to 400 euros tax-free greenhouse gas reduction (GHG) premium for e-vehicles (cars, scooters) drivers

Free tax Bonuses of up to 400 euros for drivers of e-vehicles
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Greenhouse gas reduction quota: Free tax Bonuses of up to 400 euros for drivers of e-vehicles
Berlin- Parliament:
Drivers of an electric car, e-scooter and other e-vehicles can look forward to bonuses of up to 400 euros per vehicle via the greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota). Agents pay the vehicle owner the premium after registration and submission of the vehicle registration document in the portal provided for this purpose. Previously, the amount had to be taxed if it was “other income” for tax purposes. Now the GHG premium is tax-free.

GHG Quota and GHG Premium
With the greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota), companies subject to quotas intents to reduce climate-damaging gases they produce themselves, e.g. CO2. If you fail to do so, you may be subject to fines. GHG quotas can be sold to companies to offset emissions. EV owners can benefit in the form of an annual GHG premium. Now, private individuals and commercial fleets of e.g. B. Fleets can sell the GHG Quota to get the GHG Premium. This one was still taxable if it was other income. Plug-in hybrids don’t a permission for sale, subsequently only pure electric vehicle owners can register for the GHG premium.
GHG providers

Since GHG quotas are not profitable for individuals, there are GHG providers who sell allowances in bundles. Then, they pay out the proceeds or parts of them as a GHG premium of between 250 and 400 euros. Until now, the bonus was taxable if it was other income.
Apply for GHG Premium annually
Meanwhile, you can apply for the GHG premium annually if the vehicle’s GHG quota has not yet been sold in the current year. This can be the case, for example, if you bought a used electric car in autumn and the owner had already received the GHG premium for the vehicle before that. Interested parties must prove that they are the owner of an electric vehicle every year in order to apply for the GHG premium.
Mediation platform for GHG Premium
In order to register, you must first look for an intermediary platform. Since the number of THG providers is very large and the selection of intermediary platforms is not manageable, a THG provider comparison can provide an overview. You can also get on the platform Answers to other questions about the GHG premium and GHG quota. Therefore, please not that many platforms are financed by a percentage commission retention of up to 25 percent. Subsequently, this minimizes the potential bonus payout. Some examples of the mediation platforms are “ecash Auto or Juicify”, which pay out high premiums or these in advance.
Only owners of pure electric vehicles can register for the GHG premium, which means that plug-in hybrids are not permitted for sale. After you have chosen a mediation platform, register as follows.
1. First, register with personal data and upload the vehicle registration document to the      platform of the selected GHG provider.
2.  After successful verification, the Federal Environment Agency issues a certificate for quota sales.
3. Meanwhile,  the provider collects several certificates and sells them to companies in Germany, that are subject to quotas.
4. Finally, after the sale, the GHG premium of between 250 and 400 euros is paid out to interested parties.
Finally, it takes a few weeks for the bounty to be paid out, so some providers such as eAutoCash, emobillity or  Juicyfy offer prepayment and pay out the GHG bounty within a few days.
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