5 Causes of Chronic Illness Which Doctors Never Check

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Imagine this scenario… You develop an illness, go to the doctor to find
out what is happening, and they say there is nothing wrong with you.
But you are sick. Sometimes, extremely sick. You definitely know
something is wrong. But the doctor brushes it off as nothing, or maybe
says it’s all in your head, gives you an anti-depressant, and sends you
on your way.
This is a common experience for most people on their road to suffering
for years with a chronic illness. Sometimes (just to shut you up) the
doctor will run a series of blood tests, to try and show you there is
nothing wrong.
Of course, they enjoy their referral commission from this, and if you still
persist with your claim that you are sick, the doctor will handball
(Australian’s will know what I mean) you over to another “specialist”,
so that they both get rid of you, and enjoy another referral commission.
This is the western doctor medical system. The cow comes in and they
milk you through referrals, useless tests, and prescriptions, all the while
keeping you sick and extracting as much money as possible.
Now, we could get angry at the doctors for treating us like this, but to
be fair, it’s not all their fault. They went to study medicine at a
university which had its curriculum written by the pharmaceutical
companies, and it is them who are behind putting this system in place.
While the doctors do love milking you so they can get their
commissions to fund their fancy lifestyles, it is also true that they are
ignorant in regards to how to really find out what is wrong with you.
To illustrate this, here are 5 common causes of chronic illness, that the
western doctors are utterly clueless about, have no idea how to test for
them, diagnose them, or treat them, because they were never truly
taught (maybe glossed over at best) about them in their medical school.

1. Tooth Infections
Each tooth is connected to varying organs through energy meridians, so
meaning that organ illnesses can come directly from infected teeth.
2. Electro-Magnetic Radiation
Live near power lines or phone towers, or work using wi-fi routers or
mobile phones? The radiation exposure can cause dozens of diseases.
3. Mold Exposure
Known as the silent killer, once mold gets inside your body, it can stay
forever, slowly poisoning you with its production of mycotoxins.
4. Parasites
Having great intelligence, parasites are experts at avoiding detection,
while stealing your food and nutrients, and expelling toxic waste.
5. Chemical Exposure
Cleaning products, beauty products, and even supermarket food is full
of harmful chemicals, and their consumption and use can make us sick.
If you have a chronic illness, since the doctor won’t test for them, try
checking these 5 common causes first by yourself. It may require a bit
of self-study, or a little googling, but they are relatively easy to check,
and you can overcome years of sickness just by eliminating them.

Editor: Steve (The Guy who knows some Stuff)

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