Top 8 causes of cancer you most likely DON’T KNOW about yet

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Top 8 causes of cancer you most likely DON’T KNOW about yet
Image: Top 8 causes of cancer you most likely DON’T KNOW about yet
  • Unbelievably, billions of people around the globe think cancer is something you get because you’re genetically predisposed or just unlucky. Then, once they get it, they think the only chance they have to beat it is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. That’s the absolute worst choice they could ever make. Other people know they can avoid cancer entirely if they filter chemicals and known carcinogens from their daily intake, including what they eat, drink, put on their body and inhale.

Yet, there’s far more to it than all that, and these days, if you don’t know the top 8 causes of cancer that aren’t generally on the radar of health advocates, then you might be heading down a dark corridor that you could change right now. What will you do? Knowledge is power, so dig right in and then do something about it.

Cancer attacks weakened tissue, and the toxic spike proteins from COVID-19 “vaccines” limit blood, oxygen and nutrient supply to cells and organs

In the Art of War, a commander of forces is wise to cut off the supply lines of the enemy, which weakens them immensely and opens up multiple locations for attack. For Big Pharma, there is no better way of cutting off the “supply lines” for humans than injecting billions of sticky prions into the vascular system, and waiting for cancer to spread and attack all the choked out “regions” (vital organs, the heart, the brain, the liver, etc).

Cancer is best described as an uncontrolled replication of mutated cells that attack healthy cells and shut down organs. The COVID-19 mRNA jabs create an uncontrolled, unlimited amount of toxic, virus-mimicking, spike protein prions, by the millions, that travel throughout the vascular system, clogging up arteries and veins while robbing all systems of oxygen and nutrients. This is the ultimate environment for cancer cells to accumulate and take over.

It’s like cancer of the lymph or blood, but it’s spike protein syndrome AND cancer. Couple that with several other ways cancer is invading humans, even the ones who filtered out some known cancer causing agents, and you have an exponentially-catapulted cancer crisis happening now across the planet.

How many of these 8 causes of cancer do you NOT KNOW about yet?

#1. The COVID-19 spike-protein “vaccines”

#2. Nicotine gum

#3. Chemotherapy

#4. Cosmetics

#5. Hair dyes

#6. Sunscreen lotions

#7. Fragrances – air fresheners, perfumes, colognes

#8. Cell phone radiation (5G) and other “dirty energy”

Cancerous sugar, cancerous “treatments,” cancerous ‘care’ products and cancerous phones – the attack on your cells is relentless

Maybe you’re trying to quit smoking and you chew nicotine gum. Did you know nearly all brands of nicotine gum contain synthetic, lab-concocted artificial sweeteners that cause cancer, just like the cigarettes you’re quitting? Possibly even faster. Trading lung cancer for pancreatic cancer won’t do you any good.

Did someone you know get cancer, go to the “best oncology center” in the region and get the “best care possible” but still die from cancer? Guess what? They probably died from the chemotherapy. Chemotherapy actually spreads the cancer and creates new cancers throughout the body, like spike proteins from Fauci Flu shots.

Did you know your skin is your biggest organ? So why cover it with cancer-causing agents that are found in the majority of conventional cosmetics, sunscreen lotions, bug-off sprays, hair dyes (go into your scalp), perfumes, colognes, deodorants, antiperspirant, lip balm, powders (talc) and creams? Yes, watch out for sodium laurel sulfate, formaldehyde, urea (animal urine), benzene, parabens, triclosan, coal tar, ethylene oxide, heavy metals, arsenic and much more.

Got your cell phone next to your head for minutes or even hours? Stop. At least put it on speaker or use blue tooth, because the dirty energy is contributing to cancer, including links to leukemia, brain tumors and breast cancer. Exposure to EMFs is increasing for humans by the day. Beware.

By: Steve

Disclimer: This article may not reflect the opinion of the staff.

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