AGAMal sets out to Protect Over 1.3 Million Ghanaians from Malaria in the 2024 IRS Campaign.

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AngloGold Ashanti Malaria Control Programme (AGAMal) officially kick-started the much anticipated 2024 Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) campaign in all operational districts on Monday, 8th April. 


The mission is to provide yearlong protection to approximately 1.3 million lives from deadly malaria and empower futures. Beyond health, the campaign injects vitality into local economies by engaging over 1,300 local community members across sixteen (16) operational districts in the Ashanti (Obuasi Municipal, Obuasi East),Upper West (all districts), and Upper East Region (Builsa North, Builsa South and Kassena Nankana West). The eleven (11) week campaign is expected to end on 21st June.


For this campaign, three (3) World Health Organization Pre-qualified insecticides, namely Vectron T500 (Meta-Diamide), Fludora Fusion, and 2 Gard (Neonicotinoid will be deployed. These insecticides are scientifically selectedfor their safety, odourless nature, stainless application, and enduring effectiveness in malaria prevention. The following is the distribution of insecticides among districts;

▪ Fludora Fusion: Lawra, Nandom, Jirapa, Lambussie, Sissala East, Sissala West, Wa East and Wa West.

▪ 2Gard: Nadowli Kaleo and Dafiama Bussie Issa

▪ Vectron T500: Obuasi East, Obuasi Municipal, Wa Municipal, Kassena Nankana West, Builsa North and Builsa South.


Central to this campaign is the overarching theme “Small Actions, Big Impact for Malaria Elimination.” The IRS Campaigns for the Grant Cycle Seven (GC7) between 2024 and 2026 are set to unfold under this theme. This theme echoes a call to action, urging individuals, organisations, stakeholders and communities to recognisethe power of their seemingly modest contributions. Whether it is every room allowed access for IRS, every bed net hung, every drop of stagnant water drained, or every symptom of malaria tested before treatment, each action plays a pivotal role in our collective fight against malaria.

The significance of “Small Actions” lies in their cumulative effect. From sharing knowledge about prevention to ensuring proper waste disposal, even the tiniest gestures create ripples of impact, fostering a community-wide momentum towards malaria elimination.


In this endeavour, every role matters, whether one is a health worker, stakeholder, concerned citizen, or policymaker. Each individual’s actionable choices, no matter how small, serve as the bedrock of our shared success.


As we embark on this journey, we invite all to embrace the theme and take those small steps, sustaining them to witness the monumental impact they can collectively achieve. Malaria elimination is not an elusive dream; it is a reality we forge together through concerted efforts.


For further information about AGAMal, kindly contact us at 0501291601 or 0203298136.

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