Agrobiogel granulate help plants survive 52 days without water

Agrobiogel granulate stores water for a longer period of time and later provides the plant roots
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Agrobiogel granulate stores water for a longer period of time and later provides the plant roots
SEO Gibson Nyanhongo heads the Biomaterials Technology research group at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna (Austria). With his team, he produces an AgroBiogel granulate from natural raw materials. These granules can keep moisture and water in the soil longer. They have now been awarded the “Phoenix” start-up prize in Austria for their research in the spin-off category.
Trees as raw material
The spin-off Boku has succeeded in producing a wood-based hydrogel that stores biopolymers in the plant cell wall and stores large amounts of water. Due to its nature, the hydrogel survives drought longer and can also be used worldwide.
Farmers help through the drought
Agrobiogel convert unproductive into productive soil
In addition to the use of AgroBiogel for the native splendor of geraniums, it is also particularly useful for large-scale agriculture. In fact, it is said to help protect crops worldwide from droughts and reduce water requirements. The hydrogel also fertilizes the fields and significantly improves the soil quality in the long term.
Finance the expansion of Agrobiogel
Professor Gibson Nyanhongo and his research team from the University of Natural Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna want to advance the development of the product. Therefore, Agrobiogel now functions as a Boku spin-off company. In its project, it is funded by the Austrian incubator Accent as well as the European Innovation Council and the Austria Economic Service. The start-up received funding of 3.4 million euros at the beginning of the year.
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