Baby food makers “knowingly keep toxic products on the market,” congressional reports states

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  For years, many of the most well-known baby food companies, BeechNut and Gerber included, have been selling products known to have higher than normal levels of toxic heavy metals.  What makes the situation even worse is that the FDA and other groups have known the entire time and stood idly by while our babies were being systematically poisoned by the same companies we have trusted to produce quality baby food.

How many childhood cancers and other devastating illnesses these toxic baby foods may be responsible for?  How long have manufacturers been hiding harmful substances in their products?  What else are they hiding?

Parents, beware!  Your baby’s food may contain harmful chemicals and more

Studies have found that baby foods produced by Wal-Mart, BeechNut, Gerber, and Plum Organics have levels of heavy metals that are sometimes 100 times higher than what is allowed by the FDA.  Toxic heavy metals like cadmium, lead, mercury, and arsenic have been found across the board in most brands of baby food but seem to be highest in those containing sweet potato, rice, and juice.

The Clean Label Project performed a study in 2017 that showed that in 60 different brands of baby food, over 130 different contaminants were found.  Not only did this include heavy metals, but the study also uncovered pesticides and antibiotics as well.

FDA turns blind eye, fails to fulfill its responsibility to protect consumers

The role of the FDA is to make sure the foods and ingredients contained in them are safe for consumption.  However, it seems that it has been turning a blind eye to one of the biggest mass poisonings ever known, and the victims are our children.

Third-party testing companies have found higher than acceptable levels of toxic heavy metals in almost every type of baby food produced by large companies that many have trusted for decades.

Do NOT ignore the health dangers linked to toxic indoor air.  These chemicals – the ‘off-gassing’ of paints, mattresses, carpets and other home/office building materials – increase your risk of nasal congestion, fatigue, poor sleep, skin issues plus many other health issues.

Manufacturing companies save millions by NOT monitoring levels of toxic chemicals in their products

Stores like Wal-Mart and big manufacturing/chemical companies have been given carte blanche to basically do as they like when it comes to monitoring the safety of the foods we give our children.  For several years, they have known that the products they produced for sale on store shelves contained high levels of toxic chemicals and heavy metals and sold them anyway.

It seems the FDA has allowed many of these companies to cut corners and do as they please when it comes to testing their ingredients and monitoring the levels of toxic ingredients they put in their products.  It’s estimated that this could save them millions of dollars each year, all at the expense of our young children.

Here is the best way to feed your baby and reduce exposure to dangerous chemicals

With all of the information being released in these studies, it is becoming more apparent who the major culprits are.  Since the FDA and other government agencies have continually dropped the ball, it is up to you as parents to make sure that the baby food you provide for your child is free of the toxic chemicals and heavy metals known to increase the risk of cancer and other devastating illnesses.

If you are unsure how to find a quality brand of baby food that isn’t tainted with toxic heavy metals, you can always choose to make your own.  A small blender and quality foods that you prepare yourself from scratch can be easily turned into baby food for your infants.  For example, steam or boil till soft … organic broccoli or califlower, carrots and onions with a pinch of sea salt, then – after it cools down a bit – blend into a puree. (it’s delicious!)

By making your own food, you can rest assured that the foods you give your child are full of the things they need without the unwanted toxic ingredients.

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