Bombshell study confirms link between 5G wireless exposure and COVID disease

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Image: Bombshell study confirms link between 5G wireless exposure and COVID disease
  • New research published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research highlights the link between Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms and 5G wireless radiation.

While much of the focus has centered around the virus itself, the paper looks at the environmental impacts that exacerbate the disease, including radiofrequencies from mobile phone towers.

“In considering the epidemiological triad (agent-host-environment) applicable to all disease, we investigated a possible environmental factor in the COVID-19 pandemic: ambient radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication systems including microwaves and millimeter waves,” the paper explains.

“SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, surfaced in Wuhan, China shortly after the implementation of city-wide (fifth generation [5G] of wireless communications radiation [WCR]), and rapidly spread globally, initially demonstrating a statistical correlation to international communities with recently established 5G networks.”

Beverly Rubik and Robert R. Brown, the two study authors, looked at peer-reviewed scientific literature on the detrimental bioeffects of WCR. They identified several mechanisms by which WCR may have contributed to the Fauci Flu plandemic as a toxic environmental cofactor. (Related: Evidence shows that 5G is also destroying wildlife.)

By cross boundaries between the disciplines of biophysics and pathophysiology, the duo put forth the following evidence showing that 5G exposure:

• Causes morphologic changes in erythrocytes including echinocyte and rouleaux formation that can contribute to hypercoagulation

• Impairs microcirculation and reduces erythrocyte and hemoglobin levels exacerbating hypoxia• Amplifies immune system dysfunction, including immunosuppression, autoimmunity and hyperinflammation

• Increases cellular oxidative stress and the production of free radicals leading to vascular injury and organ damage

• Increases intracellular Ca2+ (calcium ions) essential for viral entry, replication and release, as well as promotes pro-inflammatory pathways

• Worsens heart arrhythmias and cardiac disorders

Does 5G exposure cause really severe covid?

Not only 5G but also low-level WCR from various devices, including local networking systems, Wi-Fi (officially IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence protocol; IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), and even mobile phones themselves are creating internal toxicity and cellular damage.

Non-thermal bioeffects, meaning the power density that causes tissue heating, from very low-level WCR exposure has also been reported in the scientific literature at power densities below the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) exposure guidelines.

“Low-level WCR has been found to impact the organism at all levels of organization, from the molecular to the cellular, physiological, behavioral, and psychological levels,” the study explains.

“Moreover, it has been shown to cause systemic detrimental health effects including increased cancer risk, endocrine changes, increased free radical production, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage, changes to the reproductive system, learning and memory defects, and neurological disorders.”

While the earth itself has always emitted low-level natural radiofrequencies in the background, they are so low that our bodies do not respond negatively to them. This is not the case for artificial RFs emitted by an increasingly more pervasive WCR presence in everyday life.

Interestingly, the progression of covid in terms of severe disease closely parallels the adverse effects caused by 5G exposure. These include blood changes, oxidative stress, immune system disruption and activation, increased intracellular calcium and cardiac effects.

“For example, blood clotting and inflammation have overlapping mechanisms, and oxidative stress is implicated in erythrocyte morphological changes as well as in hypercoagulation, inflammation, and organ damage,” the study explains.

“There is a substantial overlap in pathobiology between COVID-19 and WCR exposure. The evidence presented here indicates that mechanisms involved in the clinical progression of COVID-19 could also be generated, according to experimental data, by WCR exposure. Therefore, we propose a link between adverse bioeffects of WCR exposure from wireless devices and COVID-19.”

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