Consider your In-laws before you Marry- Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum

Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum, Ghanaian televangelist
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Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum, Ghanaian televangelist

Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum, a Ghanaian televangelist and counselor, has addressed how marriage is not for only the two.

According to Apostle Agyekum, true love for husband and wife translate itself through your attitude towards inlaws as one of evidence for your love for husband or wife.

It is difficult for any reasonable person to believe that you love your wife or husband and have a serious dislike for mother inlaw or father in law.

Consider who becomes your in-laws, before any final decision to marry the person you intend to marry.

In-laws has a role and will continue to play a role in any marriage. Marriage is not the two .
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Written by Apostle Paul kofi Agyekum

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