Do you want to know why so much lies about Covid-19 by World health Organisation? Find out it here!

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Kumasi: SO MUCH LIES HAS BEEN TOLD AND SAID BY WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATIONS AND SOME INFLUENTIAL PERSONNELITIES ABOUT COVID 19.COVID 19 is more than what we been told and has a lot of political secrets behind it .They will continue to push their secrets agenda with coivd for now because Coivd is the only way they could use to push before any secret agenda to be able to get the entire world on board of accepting NEW ORDER POLICY has been proposed by world influencial persons and richest people who are behind the so called Coivd 19.
The actual purpose thier coivd 19 , cannot be achieved now until God’s time table for the end of the world is permitted. Therefore the impose of coivd 19, will only be a rehearsal of the world leaders agenda.
The presence of the body of Christ and Christian activities on earth has been the greatest challenge to the occult groups and richest people who are behind the new order world agenda. The existence church of the lord, will continue to hinder thier activities until the time set by the Lord Jesus Christ by his own will.
In reference of biblical passage in relations to coivd and other world events.
Revelation chapter 6:7-8 .The fourth seal era which is death on the large scale around the world.
The next seal event will be persecution of believers and geniune churches who wil not accept the initial measures of the new world order.
More and details of this biblical and political article is coming from the office of the presiding Apostle of Victory Missions London and Victory Outreach Church.
Apostle Paul kofi Agyekum
Incase of details call us on 002333 24 829 0798.

Date Monday 29th November, 2021 – 6:14pm Ghana Time

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