University clinic throws employee out because of covib-19 video explanation of the situation on grounds

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Munich – Germany:
An anger video from the pathology department of the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich caused a sensation. An employee in the morgue vented her anger about the corona policy. She criticizes an allegedly planned obligation for unvaccinated employees of clinics and universities to have PCR tests carried out and to pay for them themselves. She also says that only three of the 22 dead in the morgue lockers that she is holding the camera at have died of corona. The university distanced itself “in the sharpest possible way from the content of the video”.

“We have the emergency in Germany not because of the corona virus, but because of the shortage of skilled workers,” says the woman and that the corona vaccine stimulates blood clotting. If the pressure on unvaccinated people in clinics is increased, “a bunch” of people would quit. “Do we want to help the sick? Or do we just want to force everyone to get vaccinated? ”She asks.The video lasts more than four minutes, and over time the sound becomes increasingly harder. “They are completely insane!” Says the woman and touches her head. “It’s so disabled!” She shouts at another point. She describes the measures as “sedition”. You yourself are not affected, “but my colleagues, and nobody opens your mouth”.

The university confirmed that the video was recorded on the premises of the pathology institute. The employee had been banned from the house, and according to the information, she was released with immediate effect. “A termination without notice will also be initiated,” says the message. And further: “In the current situation, everyone has to be careful and considerate in order to help sick people as best as possible and to support the heavily stressed health care personnel. The dissemination of such videos certainly does not contribute to this. ”
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Video from the News in German:

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