Germany Agrees New Covid Restrictions From December 28th

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz outlined new Covid restrictions to come into force after Christmas, including a cap on the number of people who can socialise and the closure of nightclubs.

Following a meeting with German state leaders on Tuesday, Chancellor Scholz announced contact restrictions would also affect people who are vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19.
He said private gatherings would be limited to 10 people from December 28th. Children under 14 are not included.
The contact restrictions already in force for the unvaccinated will remain. People who choose not to get vaccinated are allowed to meet with their own household and a max of two people from another household.

“This is not the time for parties and cosy evenings with lots of people,” Scholz said, adding: “I would have liked to share more pleasant news just before the holidays.”

Meanwhile, Germany will ban spectators from large sporting and cultural events also from December 28th. “This applies in particular to football games,” Scholz added.
Nightclubs and discos will also have to close.  As agreed at a previous round of talks earlier in December, the sale of fireworks for New Year’s Eve will be banned.

The measures agreed match those put forward in the draft proposals from Monday.

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