GH Support Association Germany e.V.’s Vision 2022


This Saturday on the 15th. January, 2022, GHSAG will introduce the new leaders in the person of Sister Narki, who is now the GHSAG Assistance Organzer Germany and Mrs. Kate Bekoe. Moreover, the General Organizer, Joe Collins wiill join the programm via Video Call.
GHSAG e.V. is a communication office in Germany with its headoffice in Saarbrücken.
We, translate official documents, like Birth certificate english into German, German into English,  Marriage certificate, ect.

*We help you translate government matters -Written and oral – Twi, GA, English & German.

* We support you in holding your events – e.g. Family celebrations, seminars – etc.

*Our members do voluntary social work

* We advise you and provide pastoral support.
Everyone is welcome here – Nobody is lonely with us.

It is open to all Ghanaians & Non Ghanaians, it doesn’t matter where you live, your age, sex, religion, occupation and political affiliation. It embraces all Ghanaians & Non Ghanaians in the whole world.
Learn more from GHSAG on GQ TV this Saturday!

GQ News Room with General Organizer – Joe Collins.



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