GQ Prime Multimedia

The credibility of GQ Prime Multimedia

GQ Prime Multimedia
GQ Prime Multimedia
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GQ Prime Multimedia
GQ Prime Multimedia

GQ Prime Multimedia an online media portal that since its inception on the September 2018 has met the demands of viewers and visitors with the growing population of the online community.

GQ Waves GH & GQ TV is your online platforms highlighting the News from Ghana, Germany and the rest of the world with Entertainment, Business, and Exclusives Interviews – Live streams on Facebook & YouTube – (GQ TV). We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos in Ghana & Germany. GQ Waves was first – WhatsApp street News Block back in 2013.
The news portal has brought news, stories, videos and information to all Ghanaians and other international viewers who currently make up the large audience online.
It has become Ghana’s leader in general news in Germany. And it integrates credible Ghanaian content and perspectives.
The credibility carved over the years has been intact championing the focus of a GQ Prime Multimedia which features a wide range of contents including
1. Own original reports
2. Breaking news in Ghana and around the world
3. Currentaffairs
4. GQ fashion Design and lifestyle bits
5. Up-to-date Ghanaian and international entertainment

6. Sports andmuchmore.
GQ Waves GH news is updated with increasing depth and frequency. Today, the site is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week resulting in our impressive traffic growth accordingly.
Currently, the website enjoys traffic of over 15,000 unique visitors daily for credible and in-depth reports. There are even more viewers when there is breaking News.

VIAGQ Prime Multimedia
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