Nigeria army vows revenge after soldiers killed in ambush

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The Nigerian army has vowed revenge for the killing of six soldiers who were ambushed while on a peace mission in the central state of Niger last week. 

The troops were on a “fighting patrol” in Karaga village in the Shiroro area last Friday when they were attacked by what the army called “terrorists”.

An army statement said a number of the attackers had been killed, and others were still being pursued. 

It vowed that the “unfortunate setback would be avenged by the troops”. 

The slain soldiers included two senior officers and four other personnel, according to the army. 

Two officers were injured during the attack. 

The army has not confirmed local reports that one officer was abducted. 

It is not clear who was behind the ambush but armed gangs, known locally as bandits, have been blamed for targeting security forces in recent attacks. 

It comes as Nigeria hosts a two-day high-level African counter-terrorism summit in the capital, Abuja.

The ambush also comes a few weeks after 16 other soldiers were killed while responding to clashes between rival communities in the oil-rich southern Delta state. 

Nigeria has suffered a wave of kidnappings for ransom, as well as battling various jihadist groups.

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