Poor Country Like Ghana, Should Not Enjoy Too Much Public Holidays.

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Topic: Poor Country Like Ghana, Should Not Enjoy Too Much Public Holidays.

First day political ARTICLE by Apostle Paul kofi Agyekum.

Ghanaian politicians are not bold enough to tell citizens the actual truth about productivity but rather deceiving them with many and unnecessary PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

This is one of the main reasons why Ghanaians are poor. How can you come out of Christmas holidays, still grant such an unnecessary public holiday early in the new year?

Ghanaians including our leaders are deceiving ourselves. Ghana need hard-work and realistic taxes to build the county and not too much unnecessary loans .

Depending too much on loans for building a country, is lazy way of politics and a mean of leaving more trouble behind for the generations inborn.

We must be fair to the next generation to come.

From Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum

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