WARNING 😲 See The Horrible Things Africans Experience In Dubai No One Will Tell You.

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The Darkside

I understand that Dubai may be very beautiful city most African trying all their best to travel to Dubai. But as rightly said in a popular Nigerian parlance, ‘all that glitters is not gold’, Dubai stands to be the real life representation of the saying.

Its shinny and shimmering global blinds you completely

Not everything is perfect in Dubai. I mean, do you think that all those enormous skyscrapers and malls just appeared out of nowhere in a blink of an eye? Oh yes, people had to build it. Just as the White House was built by slaves: NEVER TRUST AMERICANS! See What They Did To 300 Slaves Who Built The WHITE HOUSE. And the conditions those people were working under will make you disgusted by Dubai. The government and billionaires brutally use the unfortunate workers to increase their profit. It is such a shame, and someone needs to put an end to it.

So before you pay a huge sum for work and residence visa in Dubai, you should know all the dark secrets about Dubai.

Human Trafficked In Dubai

The laws are extremely strict in Dubai when it comes to alcohol, drugs, and s*x. A girl can get in trouble just by walking down the street with her hands not covered. However, when the night comes, everything changes. The oldest profession in the world, prostitution, is booming in Dubai. You won’t understand unless you get there.  But that is not the main problem.

The biggest issue is that the large businesses support and encourage prostitution. Of course, it is one of the best trades in Dubai, and it makes them rich. White slavery is a dirty public secret of Dubai, and even police turn a blind-eye to it. “Lady’s Night” is a code name for a night with a lot of women to choose from, and if you are a woman, standing alone by the bar, businessmen will assume that you are for sale. So watch out ladies!

Savage Racism

We are living in the 21st century where people no longer accept racism as a norm. However, humanity is prepared to make an exception. For example, no one seems to give a damn about the fact that racism is a driving force in Dubai. This city is a brutal place with savage rules, where you are only as good as your passport is.

Dubai Enslaves Laborers By Seizing Their Passports

Dubai is only beautiful on the surface. The deeper you dig, the more crimes and dark stories you can find. Sadly, Dubai has become a place, where slavery is still present. Of course, formally, everything is legal, but in practice, people from countries such as India, Pakistan, and China are forced to work long hours for basically no money. On top of that, many unfortunate laborers cannot leave Dubai because, upon the arrival, the government and business people seize their passports. Oh no, it is not a scenario of a horror movie – it is the reality.

They work till they collapse, under terrible conditions, for as little as $100 per month, while their bosses are wiping their rear ends with $100 bills.

Sonapur – The Labor Camp In Dubai

Sonapur may be a small neighborhood in Dubai which you almost certainly don’t know. I mean, despite the very fact that Sonapur means “Land of Gold” in Hindu, it’s nothing to try to to with gold. In contrary, Sonapur is that the home of all the poor labor workers in Dubai. Over the years, it became the labor camp which attracts more and more semi-slaves from the third-world countries. consistent with estimations, over 150,000 laborers live (surviving) in Sonapur under the unbearable conditions. Eight (or more) workers usually share one tiny room, hundreds share one bathroom, and that they also are lucky if they get any food on a given day. On top of that, those people need to work long hours a day because… because they need no other choice.

Free Speech can be a Myth In Dubai

Dubai is one among those places within the world where free speech is free only as long because it matches government’s ideas. However, when someone is trying to boost the important questions, they only receive a call from so called “secret police of Dubai.” The conversation is typically straightforward. the govt gives you two choices: you’ll either shut up or lose everything you’ve got . Okay, there’s sometimes a 3rd option, which let the rebels to go to a jail cell for no extra fee. Naturally, most of the people chose to shut up because the UAE government has an excessive amount of money to fight against. It means Dubai gets a free pass to try to to all the crimes and still escape with it. that’s how the planet works in Arabian Peninsula .

On top of that, over 80 percent of individuals within the UAE are immigrants. The law to become a citizen of the UAE is so tricky and shady that you simply cannot roll in the hay without plenty of money. Living in Dubai for 20, 50, or maybe 100 years won’t help either. So, once you talk an excessive amount of in Dubai, the govt has all the rights to deport you.

We are not saying Dubai isn’t a good place or city or even scaring you but before you travel to Dubai know that is not an easy place unless you get a good traveling agency like GQ Travel and Tour to help you. 

This Article is from a Ghanaian based in Dubai.

Let know your thoughts about this article. 

Editor:  Ansu Stephen Kwaku (Prophetic)

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