X pays off sacked African staff

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The social media giant X, formerly known as Twitter, has settled a dispute with its former African staff who were sacked more than a year ago, their lawyers have said.

The staff, who were based in Ghana’s capital, Accra, had accused X of breaching their contracts and failing to pay them the redundancy money they were entitled to.

They had threatened to sue the company for unfair dismissal and breach of trust.

X had denied the allegations and said it had paid the ex-employees in full.

The company, which is owned by billionaire Elon Musk, had cut more than 6,000 jobs worldwide in 2022, citing financial losses of more than $4m (£3.5m) a day.

The African team, who numbered fewer than 20, had only worked for a few months at X’s new office in Accra, after spending most of the year working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Agency Seven Seven, the firm representing the staff, said it had reached an agreement with X to secure a redundancy package and repatriation costs for foreign workers.

The firm did not disclose the amount of the settlement, but said the staff were satisfied with the outcome.

“They are very pleased to finally be able to get their due, put this behind them and look to the future,” Carla Olympio from Agency Seven Seven told the BBC.

Some of the sacked staff had previously spoken to the BBC about the impact of losing their jobs and being owed money by X.

“It’s difficult when it’s the world’s richest man owing you money and closure,” one of them said.

Source: BBC

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