Yaa-Naa Urges Mahama: Reshuffle Appointees for Competent Government

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In a significant call to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer, John Mahama, Yaa-Naa Abukari II, the overlord of Dagbon, has emphasized the necessity of continuous reshuffling of appointees for optimal governance. Yaa-Naa believes that this strategy will ensure the former President assembles the best human resources for a successful government if elected in 2025.

Speaking on February 5, Yaa-Naa conveyed a stern message, asserting that Ghanaians would not forgive Mahama if he fails to present a competent government. The overlord urged Mahama to prioritize merit and competence over loyalty, advising him to remove any appointees deemed unfit for their roles.

Yaa-Naa particularly emphasized the importance of reshuffling the cabinet, stating that they, in reality, rule the country. He warned Mahama that failure in this aspect would be an unforgivable mistake in the eyes of the Ghanaian people.

The overlord encouraged Mahama to focus on building a lasting legacy rather than accumulating wealth for personal gain. He expressed the belief that Mahama’s goal should be to leave a legacy that his children will be proud of, paving the way for their future.

In response, Mahama acknowledged Yaa-Naa’s role in restoring peace in Dagbon and addressing security challenges. He assured the overlord that, if elected, his administration would prioritize completing the delayed water treatment facility, addressing the water scarcity issue in Yendi.

Mahama concluded his visit to the region with a town hall meeting at Yendi Senior High School, engaging with the local community on various issues.

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