German Africa policy: German Chancelor Scholz has visited Senegal, Niger and South Africa

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Chancellor Scholz wants “very good” relations with Africa

Since the Russian attack on Ukraine, the European perspective changes on Africa. According to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who travels to Africa for the first time, cooperation with Germany should become closer.
First, Scholz has met with Senegalese President and head of the African Union Macky Sall in Dakar. He has promised Senegal further support through aid programs in order to counteract the food crisis caused by the Russian blockade of wheat exports from Ukraine.
In addition, imports of liquid gas supplies from Senegal should help Germany to become independent of Russian gas.
Chancellor Scholz also travels to Niger to the German troops stationed at the base Tilia. Among other things, the bilateral talks focused on solutions for improving the security situation in the Sahel zone.
Finally, he visited South Africa, which the Chancellor regards as “a key country” for Germany. The focus is on economic relations, especially in the areas of energy and investment as well as trade with South Africa.
Editor: Mrs. Y. Maiga



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