John Dramani Mahama Pledges Accommodation Support for Pre-Tertiary Teachers

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In a Town Hall meeting in Tamale, as part of his ‘Building the Ghana We Want Together Tour,’ the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama, addressed concerns among pre-tertiary teachers by promising accommodation support to enhance the state of Senior High Schools in Ghana. Mahama criticized the current government, highlighting unfulfilled promises like constructing factories and dams in every district.

The former president stressed his commitment to realistic pledges, citing the challenging economic situation. He stated, “I won’t be like those dishonest people who came to promise heaven.” Instead, Mahama aims to provide practical solutions, such as accommodation support for teachers, acknowledging the challenges they face.

Mahama believes that offering accommodation to pre-tertiary teachers will reduce unnecessary expenses, motivate educators to stay on campus, and ultimately enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

This announcement is part of Mahama’s strategy to address critical issues facing the education sector and build a more sustainable future for Ghana.

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